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Scott Kirk Homes
Over $100 Million Sold Since 2003

How we can help you sell your home, while saving you time and money?

It's a lot more involved than just putting a sign on your lawn.

Why Choose Us
We are dedicated to helping you attain the best price for your home. And, we will be happy to assist you in everything from developing a personalized marketing plan to pre-qulifying potential buyers, and ensuring that your closing runs smoothly. Here are some of the other benefits:

- We can offer a detailed comparison between your home and recently sold homes in your area to ensure your home sells quickly and at the best possible price.
- We screen all potential buyers to ensure they can afford to purchase your property before ever showing them your home.
- With the use of SmartMappingĀ®, we can target potential buyers by location and market your property more efficiently.
- We will immediately begin notifying all the buyers we are currently working with and other Realtors in the area about your home.
- We will give you tips on how to present your property and maximize its selling price. Some simple improvements can really make a difference.
- We will help you to understand the legal contracts.
- We will advise you as to New Jersey statutory disclosure requirements and inform you of any potential inspections.
- The power of the Open House: One of the best ways to market your home is by inviting people in. We will hold as many Open Houses as you would like.

FREE Consultation
We will gladly come to your home and give you an overview of how our marketing skills and the power of the nations largest real estate company can sell your home. Together we will develop a marketing plan that fits your specific needs, selling your home the quickest and for the best possible price.

There is "NO" cost or obligation.

Getting Started
Before we can start, you will need to provide us with some information. Please take a moment to fill out the Contact Form and send it to us.



Access to 4 local MLSs

Well scripted narratives and proper photos online

Open Houses at your request

Print advertisements in real estate magazines

Access to numerous real estate website